Commissioner Shen Beili Pays Farewell Calls on Friends in Macao

Before leaving her post for Beijing, Commissioner Shen Beili paid farewell calls on friends in the Macao SAR, including Chief Executive Ho Iat Seng, Vice Chairman of the National Committee of the CPPCC Ho Hau Wah, former Chief Executive Chui Sai On and heads of legislature and judiciary.

Shen extended sincere gratitude to the Macao SAR government and society for offering vigorous support in her term when she had the honor to serve Macao and the practice of “One country, Two Systems”, and to engage in the historic moment of President Xi Jinping’s visit in the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the special administrative region. Shen also shared her deep impression on Macao’s extraordinary performance in combating Covid-19.

Shen pointed out, the once-in-a-century change taking place in the world is evolving in a deeper manner. China has never been so close to fulfilling the Chinese dream of national rejuvenation and never been so close to the center of the world stage. Macao is facing broad prospect to play a bigger role in the national opening-up. The Commissioner's Office stays committed to the principle of "one country, two systems", supporting Macao’s international exchanges and cooperation, and creating a more favorable external environment for the SAR’s development.

Chief Executive Ho Iat Seng spoke highly of the work done by Commissioner Shen and expressed appreciation for the Commissioner’s Office’s efforts in expanding Macao's international engagement, enhancing patriotic education for young people, protecting the legitimate rights and interests of Macao compatriots overseas and in other fields. Vice Chairman Ho and former Chief Executive Chui Sai On praised Commissioner Shen’s contribution to the practice of “One country, Two Systems”, acknowledging that the Commissioner’s Office’s work not only promoted the development and international image of Macao, but also strengthened the sense of national pride and patriotism of Macao residents.

President of Legislative Assembly Kou Hoi In, President of the Court of Final Appeal Sam Hou Fai and Prosecutor General of the Public Prosecutions Office Ip Son Sang expressed thanks to Commissioner Shen for offering support to their work in different areas, and hoped to stay in close contact with the Commissioner's Office in external affairs.

Deputy commissioner Wang Dong, deputy commissioner Yuan Hengge and directors of related departments respectively attended the meetings.