Commissioner Mr. Liu Xianfa Published A Signed Article Titled “China’s COVID-19 Policy is Scientific, Targeted and Effective” in Local Portuguese and English Media

    On 18 January 2023, Mr. Liu Xianfa, Commissioner of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the People's Republic of China in the Macao Special Administrative Region published a signed article titled China’s COVID-19 Policy is Scientific, Targeted and Effective in local Portuguese and English media. The full text reads as follows:

Recently, in light of the evolving situation, China has been refining its COVID-19 policies which adopt the measures  against Class-B, instead of the more serious Class-A infectious diseases, in accordance with the law. This is an adjustment to China’s response approach based on a comprehensive assessment of the mutation of the virus, the COVID-19 situation, and ongoing response efforts including a high vaccine rate. It helps make response more science-based, targeted and effective, restore normalcy to people’s work and life, meet regular medical and health needs, and minimize the impact of COVID-19 on economic and social operations.

However, a few countries, in disregard of science and facts, have insisted on taking discriminatory entry restriction measures targeting China. Some Western media discredited China’s COVID-19 policy adjustment, alleging that China’s COVID-19 response has failed. They deliberately hyped up and even misrepresented China’s COVID-19 policy adjustment, and yet avoided reporting on the deficiencies and heavy price paid in their own countries’ COVID-19 response. In fact, this is nothing but double standards and is clearly against journalistic ethics.

Since COVID-19 began, China has always put the people’s lives above all else, made the best effort to protect people and poured all resources into treating every patient. Over the past three years, we have effectively responded to five global COVID-19 waves and avoided widespread infections with the original strain and the Delta variant, which are relatively more pathogenic than the other variants. We have greatly reduced the number of severe cases and deaths, bought precious time for the development and application of vaccines and therapeutics, and for getting medical supplies and other resources ready. The achievements are there for all to see.

Recently, as the virulence of the Omicron sub-variants wanes and Chinese vaccine uptake and response experience grow, China has downgraded the management of the virus and shifted the focus to health protection and severe cases prevention. This is a timely and necessary change, based on science and adopted from a long-term perspective, still with the people as the center. It in no way means letting go of the virus or a complete exit from prevention and control measures. We continue to make every effort to meet people’s drug needs and protect key groups and rural residents, to further ensure our measures are well-targeted and effective. Many provinces have gone through the infection peak and people’s lives are returning to normal. Facts have proved that China is well prepared for the battle and we have the confidence and ability to score new victories. Those who hype that “China’s medical system is collapsing” are sheer rumormongers.

Since COVID-19 began, China has not only safeguarded the lives, health and safety of its own people, but also actively called on the international community to unite in fighting against the epidemic. We’ve taken the lead in proposing vaccines as international public goods. So far, we have provided 2.2 billion doses of vaccines and a large amount of anti-epidemic materials to the world, especially developing countries. As the prevention and control work has entered a new stage, China has implemented new policies in a smooth and orderly manner, and further optimized the entry and exit policies, making the exchange of Chinese and foreign personnel smoother. Our economic potential and vitality will be further released, and a series of newly introduced policies will have a superimposed effect, which will continue to bring more benefits to maintaining the stability and smoothness of the international supply and industry chains, promoting mutually beneficial cooperation among countries, and boosting the recovery and growth of the world economy.

Actions speak louder than words. With aforesaid facts, all people without prejudice will gain an objective and comprehensive understanding of China’s policy adjustment. We strongly believe that from the experience of fighting against COVID-19 in the past three years, China will be able to effectively coordinate epidemic prevention and control with economic and social development, and win the final victory in fighting against the epidemic. The continuous optimization and adjustment of China’s epidemic prevention and control policies will also provide a more stable and reliable turbine to the recovery of the world economy and help the world to end the epidemic as soon as possible.