Visa Application Q & A

1. What are Chinese brands of vaccine against COVID-19 in the Macao SAR at the moment? I have already inoculated with one dose vaccine against COVID-19, can I apply for China’s mainland visa in your office?

According to information, the only Chinese brand of vaccine against COVID-19 in the Macao SAR at present is CNBG (Beijing). It is required to take 2 doses of the vaccine.

All foreigners in the Macao SAR, who complete 2 doses according to relevant regulated time or over 14 days after the completion of vaccination of single dose vaccine produced by China (which is not introduced to Macao yet), with valid certificates of vaccination issued by Macao Health Bureau, can apply for all categories of visas to the mainland of China.


2. Where can I get the proof of stay in the Macao SAR for at least 28 consecutive days? Is the original document required?

Please log in to the website of the Public Security Police Force of the Macao SAR ( or dial 00853-28573333 to inquire for details. It’s necessary to submit the original of proof.


3. Does the visa application have to be filed by the applicant in person?

In order to effectively verify the travel history of the applicant, except for minors or those who have physical disability, the applicant must come in person to apply. And you need to show out the Macao Healthy code (green) on the application day, and submit a copy of the code if necessary.


4. What documents should the applicant print before application? How to find the visa confirmation page and application form once logging out of the COVA system?

The applicant should bring the visa confirmation page, the application form and the proof of appointment, as well as other supporting documents. Please log in to China Online Visa Application (COVA) system, select “Retrieve An Application” and log in with application ID and passport number, then the applicant can find and download the confirmation page and the form.


5. My Macao resident ID card is expired now. Can I apply for visa as a resident with relevant extension certificate of validity issued by authorities of the Macao SAR?

It's required to provide ID card remained valid to apply for visas as resident. In case of renewal, please come to apply for visa after you get a new ID card.