Commissioner Mr. Liu Xianfa Published a Signed Article Titled “Ceasing Political Manipulation Under the Disguise of Democracy” in Local Chinese, English and Portuguese Media

Recently, Mr. Liu Xianfa, Commissioner of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the People's Republic of China in the Macao Special Administrative Region published a signed article titled Ceasing Political Manipulation Under the Disguise of Democracy in local Chinese, English and Portuguese media. The full text reads as follows:

On December 9-10, the US will convene the so-called “Leaders’ Summit for Democracy” online. The list of invitees released by the US Department of State includes a total of 110 countries and regions. The Taiwan authority is among them, while China and Russia are not. Since the very beginning, the summit has been greatly disputed and widely questioned. It is the international community’s common view that the US is, in the disguise of democracy, trying to monopolize the discourse power on democracy, pursue its geopolitical self-interests, incite confrontation and create divisions. Facts will prove that the “Summit for Democracy” is nothing but a satirical drama like “The Emperor’s New Clothes”, and that it will eventually become a historical laughing stock.    

Firstly, the poor record of democracy of the US makes it ineligible to hold such a summit. The political polarization, fierce party disputes, social division, worsening racial conflicts and human rights conditions, hollowing-out of democracy, as well as the notorious “of the 1%, by the 1%, for the 1%” in the US, are extensively criticized. The January 6 Attack on the US Capitol Hill has laid bare the US democracy. A Pew survey shows that 57% global respondents and 72% American respondents believe that the US democracy is no longer a model. For decades, the US has spared no efforts in advancing its self-defined democracy globally, imposing its own system and values upon others, making democracy a tool for pursing its global strategic and geopolitical interests and engaging in “color revolutions” and “democratic transformation” around the world, resulting in political turmoil and humanitarian disasters in many countries. This has caused greatest damage to the true democratic values. 

Secondly, the “list of democracies” fabricated by the US fully reveals its selfish interests. The “Summit for Democracy” itself is un-democratic and pseudo-democratic. Out of more than 200 countries and regions globally, the US empowers itself to define 110 countries and regions as democracies, and denies the forms of democratic theories and practices of other countries. Its arbitrary and overbearing behavior runs counter to the true spirit of democracy. Plenty of scholars and experts in the US and the international community sneered at the “list of democracies”, pointed out that the summit, with the theme of “defending against authoritarianism, addressing and fighting corruption, promoting respect for human rights”, was only an excuse to maintain US hegemony and contain other countries. Inviting the Taiwan authority to attend the summit further reveals the US intention to utilize democracy to interfere in the internal affairs and infringe on the sovereignty of other countries to serve its own political agenda, which is totally unacceptable. 

Thirdly, creating blocs and divisions is typical Cold War mentality and against the tide of history. What the world eagerly needs is to jointly respond to global challenges such as the raging pandemic, climate change, nuclear proliferation, terrorism, and cybersecurity for human progress, not a “Summit for Democracy”. The US, as a major country shouldering responsibilities to the international community, has made no efforts to bridge differences and promote mutual understanding, mutual respect and integration among countries in the world. Instead, it has tried its utmost to create cliques and blocs in the name of democracy and split the world into the “democratic camp” and the “authoritarian camp”, revived the Cold War mentality, and engaged in hegemonism. Ironically, just in September, the US President Biden promised that the US was not “seeking a new cold war or a world divided into rigid blocs” in the UN General Assembly. 

Fourthly, the attempt of the US to encircle and isolate China through the summit will end up in failure. Above all, Socialist Democratic Politics with Chinese Characteristics is broadly supported by the Chinese people. China's whole-process people’s democracy is a complete institutional chain, including electoral democracy, consultative democracy, social democracy, primary-level democracy, citizen democracy, and all other elements of democratic politics. It covers democratic elections, democratic consultation, democratic decision-making, democratic management, democratic supervision, and all other fields of the democratic process. It is not only based on a complete institutional procedure but also full participation and practice. It achieves the integration of procedural and substantive democracy, and direct and indirect democracy. It is people’s democracy and at the same time represents the will of the state. It is the most broad-based, genuine, and effective socialist democracy. According to the polls conducted by authoritative international organizations, more than 90 percent of the Chinese people are satisfied with their government in consecutive years, while only less than 50 percent of the Americans feel the same about their government. Furthermore, the stance of China to stand for democracy in international relations is recognized by the international community. Original thoughts such as the concept of “building a community with a shared future for humanity” and the principle of “achieving shared growth through discussion and collaboration” proposed by Chinese President Xi Jinping play an important role in reaching consensus, championing practice and laying a solid foundation for advancing democracy in international relations, in sharp contrast with the bullying and hegemony mindset of the US. Last but not least, the rejuvenation of the Chinese nation and reunification of our country are a surging popular trend. It is where the greater national interest lies and what the people desire. Attempting to contain China by playing Taiwan card or attempting to rely on the US to seek independence is destined to come to a dead end. 

Democracy is not a patent held by a certain country, but a common value of the humanity. As for which country's democracy is better or worse, only people living in that country have a natural feeling and say. This shouldn’t be judged by a handful of people from other countries. The US should listen to the justice cry of the international community and cease political manipulation on the pretext of democracy. China will always stand on the right side of history, unswervingly pursue political development under socialism with Chinese characteristics, develop its whole-process people’s democracy to lay a solid foundation of democracy for the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, and contribute Chinese wisdom and strength to the progress of human civilization.